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Flexible Polyurethane foam (termed as PU Foam) has high versatility. It can be cut and shaped as required to serve the unlimited number of purpose. PU foam is one of the few materials that product designers have almost infinite flexibility. Basically the main application of PU foam would be cushioning in furniture industry. The nature properties of PU foam are Support, Comfort and Durability provide the high suitability in cushioning and safe guard delicate instruments in packaging.

In Wansern, as one of the Technical foam manufacturer, we are supplying the products ranging from Polyurethane Foam (PU Foam), Polyethylene (PE Foam), Reticulated Foam (Filtration Foam), PVC Foam, Special foam (Melamine foam, Water Sealing Foam, Air Sealing Foam, Fire Retardant grade). In addition, we are providing variety secondary processing including Laminating, Converting and etc to suit customer requirements.

Automotive Industry

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PU Foam meets the pre-requisites of private and commercial vehicles in seating as well as other components. We have developed variety of formulas to meet the specifications of car manufacturer. PU Foam is a versatile material and proven to be reliable and flexible. In automotive industry, the physical properties of PU foam can dampen vibration and noises absorption which cause the discomfort in traveling. With these applications, PU Foam is widely being used for Motor Encapsulation, Under Seat and Dashboard. Thus, some special foam with water / air sealing properties is used in air seal and water seal for air-conditioning system for vehicles. Besides, PU foam also can produce to be Seat Cover after fabrication process. Hard & semi rigid PU has closed cell structure and hence has excellent insulating properties. Car roof Linings, sun visors, is some applications. PU Foam with Fire Retardant Grade is required in FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) and Regulation to which manufacturers of motor vehicle and equipment items must conform and certify compliance.

Packaging Industry

The purpose of PU Foam used in packaging is to act as a shock absorber, protects a moving packaged object from damage as it subjected to impact. PU foam is the most suitable material in protecting moderately heavy piece of equipment and delicate electronic components. Two basic properties of PU foam are keys to packaging performance, namely firmness and density. IFD (indentation force deflection) is the good indicator of the measurement for firmness. Density is a measurement of unit weight per volume namely, ib/ft3 or kg/m3 which naturally influence the hysteresis of a foam, that can absorb the impact energy. PU foam is prone to build-up static charges due to the nature of chemical composition and high surface area. Antistatic Foam is PU Foam with Antistatic or Electrostatic Discharging (ESD) characteristic. This type of foam is suitable in protecting electronics components in packages from being charged that might affect the quality of electronic parts.

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